DRILL BIT STICKS are primarily recommended for use to increase the drilling efficiency and life of the drill bits. The slick coating and foaming action increases the efficiency of the drilling process by preventing the clays from sticking and balling up on the drill bit while drilling operations are going on. This same slick coating and foaming action will also help prevent the jets on the drill bit from plugging, therefore optimizing mud and cutting returns to the surface and improving drill bit penetration into the ground formations.

DRILL BIT STICKS can also be used to increase the swabbing efficiency and life of the swab cups. The slick coating and foaming action increases efficiency of the swab and extends the life of swab cups. The perforations are often cleaned as a result of the detergent and swabbing action.

DRILL BIT STICKS can be used to remove fluid from gas-condensate wells and flowing oil wells, however Select Industries has a broad range of sticks specifically designed for this procedure. For gas-condensate wells with more than 75% condensate, it is recommended to use Select Industries OIL FOAM STICKS™.


DRILL BIT STICKS are an economical way of improving the efficiency of drilling operations by keeping the drill bit clean of debris and improving mud and drill cutting returns to the surface. Drill bit penetration into the ground formations will also increase due to bit and jets remaining clean of debris.


The number of DRILL BIT STICKS to be used varies from one drilling operations to the other. The weight of mud, drilling depth and water weight can also affect the number of sticks to be dropped. Field tests indicated the best results were achieved under normal drilling operations in the chart listed below:

SENIOR (1 5/8” X 18”) 1 to 2 Sticks per joint drill stem added
JUNIOR (1 3/8” X 16”) 2 to 3 Sticks per joint drill stem added
JUNIOR (1 ¼” X 15”) 2 to 4 Sticks per joint drill stem added
THRIFTY (1” X 15”) 3 to 6 Sticks per joint drill stem added
MIDGET (5/8” X 15”) 8 to 16 Sticks per joint drill stem added


This amount recommended is based on past field drilling tests and operating under normal drilling operations and procedures. To determine the optimum amount of sticks required for periodic treatments you may choose to gradually increase or decrease the number of sticks until the most economical treatment point is reached.


Drop the specified number of sticks to be dropped from the chart each time an additional joint of drill stem is added to the drill string in the drilling operation. As the fluid moves down the hole the surfactants and friction reducer will dissolve and penetrate the drilling fluids and slick up the metal surfaces. It is important to add the desired volume of sticks each time a new joint of drill stem is added to the string to maintain the slick film on the metal surfaces.


SENIOR 24/box N/A 48/chest
JUNIOR (1 3/8) 36/box 42/pail 72/chest
JUNIOR (1 ¼) 36/box 45/pail 72/chest
THRIFTY 49/box 72/pail 108/chest
MIDGET 108/box 204/pail 216/chest


As with all industrial chemicals, contact with eyes or skin should be avoided. Wash thoroughly with water. Sticks should be stored in a cool dry place. Always remove stick from plastic bag or cardboard tube before using. Bag or tube can be used as a glove to avoid contact with hands.


The information in this bulletin is believed to be accurate, however all recommendations are made without warranty since the conditions of use are beyond Select Industries, Inc. control. Select Industries, Inc. disclaims any liability in connection with the use of the information, and does not warrant against infringement by reason of the use of any of its’ products in combination with any other material or in any process.