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Select Industries

For more than 50 years Select Industries has been supplying solutions for the oil and gas industry with an unsurpassed commitment to excellence.

Founded by W.G. Harrison and located in the center of this nation’s most active oil-producing region…

New Products

THPS Stick

The Select Industries THPS Stick is a water soluble iron sulfide dissolver in solid stick form.

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Salt Inhibitor Stick

Salt Inhibitor Sticks are water soluble sticks containing a combination of surfactants and crystal modifiers to assist in the inhibition of salt buildup in the production string and surface equipment.

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Paraffin Inhibitor Stick

Paraffin Inhibitor Sticks are oil-soluble sticks that contain a combination of micro-crystalline wax and a special crystal modifier to help reduce paraffin deposition from crude oil in production systems. Paraffin Inhibitor Sticks are not designed to remove existing paraffin deposits, but they can soften these deposits and often make conventional paraffin cutting operations easier and faster.

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Foamer Model Input Sheet

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