For more than 50 years Select Industries has been supplying solutions for the oil and gas industry with an unsurpassed commitment to excellence.

Founded by W.G. Harrison and located in the center of this nation’s most active oil-producing region, Select Industries continues to be an innovator providing soluble products around the globe.

Our products address and solve specific problems related to your production site. Even in extreme conditions where the well’s fluid column is more than 70% composed of condensation, Select Industries still provides a soluble solution.

Coupled with the use of automatic delivery systems, you can provide “round-the-clock” attention to your well delivering the right soluble chemical right when the well needs it.

Unlike liquid treatments that only penetrate the upper surface area, Select Industries time released chemical sticks activate at the source, and Paraffin build-up, Salt deposits, Corrosion, as well as rust are all eliminated in the most cost-effective way possible.