Corrosion Inhibitor Sticks – Type B


CORROSION INHIBITOR STICKS™ are primarily used to control corrosion in water injection systems (tanks, wells, and lines) and down hole applications.

CORROSION INHIBITOR STICKS™ can be used to treat certain hard to reach areas in water injection systems. Dead Areas such as in the rat-hole, annulus space above the packer, and the bottom of the water supply tanks may be reached and more easily treated with CORROSION INHIBITOR STICKS™.

CORROSION INHIBITOR STICKS™ can be used to control corrosion in oil wells, gas wells and cooling towers.


CORROSION INHIBITOR STICKS™ are very economical (as compared to conventional corrosion control operations) and saves investment in pumps, drums of chemical, and maintenance.


The number of CORROSION INHIBITOR STICKS™ required is based on the volume of water to be treated. The best results are achieved by using a larger initial slug treatment (400 PPM daily) until problem is under control then reduce to smaller periodic treatments (200 PPM daily) thereafter. EXAMPLE: An initial slug treatment of 400 PPM would require 3.2 lbs of Corrosion Inhibitor Sticks™ per 24 BBL (1,000 gal.) of water to be treated.

C. I. STICKS™ SIZESSTICK RATIO (Initial Slug Treatment)
SENIOR (1 5/8” X 18”)1 Stick per 13 BBL’S of water to treat
JUNIOR (1 3/8” X 16”)1 Stick per 9 BBL’S of water to treat
JUNIOR (1 ¼” X 15”)1 Stick per 7 BBL’S of water to treat
THRIFTY (1” X 15”)1 Stick per 4 BBL’S of water to treat
MIDGET (5/8” X 15”)1 Stick per 2 BBL’S of water to treat


To successfully control any corrosion problem, the inhibitor insertion into the fluid stream must be constant. For best results in intermittent treatments increase amount of sticks according to the problem.


For water injection systems is to drop the sticks into the water supply tank as more of the system will be treated. For producing wells, it is recommended to shut-in well and drop sticks through lubricator. Leave well shut for about 15 minutes or until sticks fall to the bottom then return well to production. The time in minutes for the sticks to fall to the bottom (assuming well is shut-in with fluid at surface) is equal to the depth divided by 100. (Time,min. = Depth,ft / 100).


The stick will dissolve in 12 to 24 minutes (in moving water or when falling through water) depending on temperature, salt content, and relative water motion. The stick will melt at 132ºF. The stick will dissolve in water in wells with BHT below 132º (just at a slower rate). If slowing the dissolving rate is desired (for wells above 132º), coat CORROSION INHIBITOR STICK™ with oil or grease. The specific gravity is 1.15. The falling velocity through fresh water is approximately 100 feet per minute.


JUNIOR (1 3/8)36/case42/pail72/chest
JUNIOR (1 ¼)36/case45/pail72/chest


As with all industrial chemicals, contact with eyes or skin should be avoided. Wash thoroughly with water. Sticks should be stored in a cool dry place. Read and refer to MSDS sheet before using. Always remove stick from plastic bag before using. Bag can be used as a glove to avoid contact with hands. Corrosion Inhibitor Sticks™ (Type B) are for export industrial use (outside the USA) and are not to be used in potable water wells.