Corrosion Inhibitor Sticks – Type C


CORROSION INHIBITOR STICKS are used to control corrosion in gas wells, injection systems and other systems where liquid products are difficult to apply. This product requires no special pump or equipment since it will drop through gas or fluids to reach the corrosive area. Corrosion control is excellent at elevated temperatures (275 degrees Fahrenheit plus) found in deep gas wells.


The number of CORROSION INHIBITOR STICKS required is based on the severity of the problem being encountered and volume of water to be treated. The best results are achieved by using an initial slug treatment of 1 stick per 10 barrels of water to be treated. The period of time between treatments will be dictated by the severity of the problem. EXAMPLE: An initial treatment of 24 barrels (1,000 gallons) of water would be 2 sticks.


To successfully control corrosion problems, the inhibitor must have adequate contact time. A minimum of 2 hours shut-in is recommended for gas wells. This will allow the stick to clean the system and lay down a good inhibitor film.


The stick will dissolve in 12 to 24 minutes in moving water or falling through the water (the melting time will vary due to salinity, temperature or relative motion of the water). The stick will melt at 132 degrees Fahrenheit. The falling velocity through fresh water is approximately 100 feet per minute.


These sticks are only available in JUNIOR 1 3/8×16” of 1 1/4×15” water-soluble paper tubes. They are packaged 36 sticks per cardboard case or 72 sticks per ice chest.


Store in dry cool place. Avoid contact with eyes, skin or clothing. Avoid breathing vapors in closed spaces.


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