GAS STICKS are primarily used to produce gas to help de-watering of gas wells, kicking off dead wells, and other areas involving foam and agitation. Although a small amount of foam will be produced by the GAS STICKS, it is recommended to pre-treat with SLICK STICKS or SUPER FOAM STICKS to provide more foam. The creation of foam reduces the hydrostatic back pressure on the formation. Then the natural gas can break through from the formation and kick-off the well.

GAS STICKS are unique since the sticks produce gas and some foam as the stick dissolves. The stick does not depend upon natural gas production to agitate the foaming agent to produce foam. Some water is necessary for the GAS STICKS to produce gas.

GAS STICKS are very economical (as compared to conventional swabbing costs). GAS STICKS should be used as a last resort before having to call out a swabbing unit to swab a dead well. If the well is producing a small volume of natural gas, it is recommended to use SLICK STICKS or SUPER FOAM STICKS to foam the water and kick-off the well.


The number of sticks is based on the volume of water above the perforations to be agitated. Field tests indicate that the best results were achieved by using a larger initial slug treatment of ½ to 1 percent by weight of GAS STICKS™ to the fluid above the perforations. A treatment of ½ to 1 percent by weight would require 1.75 lb to 3.50 lb of stick per BBL of water to be agitated. Often agitating the top one-half portion of the water column may create enough gas and foam to kick-off the well. For best results use SLICK STICKS or SUPER FOAM STICKS with GAS STICKS.

JUNIOR ( 1 ¼ x 15”)3 to 5 sticks per 1 BBL of water
JUNIOR (1 ¼” x 18”)2 to 4 sticks per 1 BBL of water


The stick will dissolve in about 5 to 15 minutes (in moving water or when falling through water) depending on temperature, salt content, and relative water motion. GAS STICKS are 100% soluble in water and insoluble in oil. The soluble tube will melt at 145ºF. The stick will dissolve in water in wells with BHT below 130º (just at a slower rate). The specific gravity is 1.35. The falling velocity through fresh water is approximately 120 feet per minute.


JUNIOR (1 ¼ x 18”)Case/Toolbox (36 sticks)N/AChest (72 sticks)
JUNIOR (1 ¼ x 15”)Case/Toolbox (36 sticks)Pail (45 sticks)Chest (72 sticks)


GAS STICKS have a limited shelf life of 2 to 3 months and should be ordered for immediate use only. Sticks should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated area. As in all industrial chemical, contact with eyes or skin should be avoided. Wash thoroughly with water. Always remove stick from plastic bag before using. Bag can be used as a glove to avoid contact with hands.


**Gas produced is carbon dioxide which is not flammable. Should be used in Gas wells only. DO NOT put into water in a closed area. Keep good ventilation where sticks are stored. See MSDS sheet. Quantity of gas produced per stick is quite small. Gas Sticks are recommended only when a gas well is totally dead.


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