Hydrogen Sulfide Stick SHS-50

Product Information

The SHS-50 H2S SCAVENGER STICK consists of a water soluble hard stick containing the organic hydrogen sulfide scavenger. The stick dissolves easily in water and has a melting point of about 145ºF. The SHS-50 STICK scavenges through the water phase in the well production; therefore, some water needs to be present in the well production for the stick to effectively scavenge hydrogen sulfide.


Multiply: H2S PPM x MMCF x .0243 x 95.90 = lbs. of stick required


2 PPM H2S x 40,000 cu. ft. gas per day (.04 of 1 mm)

2 PPM H2S x .04 x .0243 x 95.9 = 0.186 lbs.

The efficiency of the SHS-50 STICK depends on many factors such as pressure, temperature, mass transfer, contact time and the quantity of water present in the production. The SHS-50 STICK rapidly complexes with hydrogen sulfide to produce a water soluble and dispersible by-product that helps minimize solids deposition on system equipment. Used and spent SHS-50 is considered to be non-hazardous and can be injected into disposal wells. SHS-50 STICKS contain an organic formaldehyde free hydrogen sulfide scavenger concentrate.


1 ¼” X 15”

Read and observe MSDS sheets for this product and follow all safety rules and regulations.


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