Paraffin Inhibitor Stick


Paraffin Inhibitor Sticks are oil-soluble sticks that contain a combination of micro-crystalline wax and a special crystal modifier to help reduce paraffin deposition from crude oil in production systems. Paraffin Inhibitor Sticks are not designed to remove existing paraffin deposits, but they can soften these deposits and often make conventional paraffin cutting operations easier and faster.


Paraffin Inhibitor Sticks inhibit paraffin deposition by the crystal modification method. This method keeps paraffin particles from sticking together. Paraffin Inhibitor Sticks are effective on certain ranges of molecular weight paraffins. Testing the sticks for effectiveness can be done by simply trying the sticks in the field or by testing the crude oil in the laboratory. To be effective, the inhibitor must be in solution in the oil before paraffin precipitation starts to occur.


The number of Paraffin Inhibitor Sticks is based on the volume of crude oil to be treated. Laboratory tests indicate that periodic treatments of 50 PPM can control paraffin deposition. A treatment of 50 PPM would require approximately 0.37 lbs of Paraffin Inhibitor Sticks per 24 BBL (1000 gallons) of crude oil produced.


FormSolidMelt Point140 f
ColorBrownSolubility in WaterDispersible
pH5 – 6.5Solubility in BrineDispersible
Specific Gravity0.83Solubility in CrudeSoluble

Safety and Handling

Please review SDS prior to using this product. As with all industrial chemicals, contact with eyes or skin should be avoided. Wash thoroughly with water if contact with skin is made. Sticks should be stored in a cool dry place. Always remove stick from plastic bag or cardboard tube before using. Bag or tube can be used as a glove to avoid contact with hands.