Salt Inhibitor Pellets

Product Information

There are various treatments for this condition such as dumping fresh water into the wells or going in with tools to clear this problem.

The SALT INHIBITOR PELLETS helps keep the salt in solution by salt cheleating action and helps prevent this build up from occurring or greatly reduces the situation.

In order to be effective the SALT INHIBITOR PELLETS should be used regularly two or three times per week. In most wells 1-2lbs per treatment should be sufficient. Treatment amounts can be increased for large water volume situations.

If SALT INHIBITOR PELLETS are used in conjunction with SOAP STICKS – we suggest using the SALT INHIBITOR PELLETS on days or times when not using SOAP STICKS to get the maximum benefit from the SALT INHBITOR PELLETS

The pellets dissolve time will depend on temperature, salt content, and relative water motion. Pellets are 100% soluble in water.


40 lb. plastic pail with removable lid and measuring cup


As with all industrial chemicals, contact with eyes or skin should be avoided (See MSDS). Wash hands thoroughly with water. Pellets should be stored in a cool dry place. Use provided measuring cup to apply pellets. Wear gloves when handling.


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