SAPP Sticks are primarily designed as a mud thinner/dispersant. However, other advantages that have been realized from the use of SAPP Sticks include;

  • Decreased wear on shaker screen due to thinner mud
  • Friction Reducer
  • Helps prevent the formation of “mud rings”
  • Helps prevent bit balling
  • Calcium Inhibitor
  • Ph reducer


The number of SAPP Sticks to be used varies from one drilling operation to the other. The weight of mud, drilling depth and water weight can affect the number of sticks to be dropped. Field test indicates the best results are achieved under normal drilling operations when 1 to 2 (11/4×15) sticks were dropped to each joint of drill stem added.

The amount recommended is based on past field test and operating under normal drilling operations and procedures. To determine the optimum amount of sticks required for periodic treatments, you may choose to gradually increase or decrease the number of sticks until the most economical treatment point is reached.

As with all industrial chemicals, contact with eyes or skin should be avoided. Wash thoroughly with water. Sticks should be stored in a cool dry place. Always remove stick from plastic bag or cardboard tube before using. Bag or tube can be used as a glove to avoid contact with hands.