S&B Pellets are water-soluble acid inhibitor pellets designed to release acid down-hole in water injection and producing wells to remove carbonate scale, rust deposits, and lower injection pressure on injection wells. S&B Pellets are a combination of acids, surfactant, dispersing agent, iron sequester and inhibitor in a solid pellet form.


S&B Pellets can be applied directly into the well or introduced to the water system through the water supply tank. In producing pumping wells, the S&B Pellet can be introduced through a slug pot connected to the casing and flushed down the annulus by adding produced fluids into the pot to wash pellets down hole, provided there is no isolation packer down hole. Dropping the pellets directly into the well is best. In wells with tubing obstructions or small valve openings, S&B Pellets may be used by first dissolving the pellets in pre-treated water and then pumping or pouring the solution into the well.


S&B Pellets dissolve slowly and release the chemical into the system. The amount of pellets required is based on the volume of water to be treated , number of feet of perforated interval or open hole and severity of scale build up down hole and on the metal surfaces. Field tests indicate that the best results were achieved by using a larger initial slug treatment (1.8 to 5.4 lbs of pellets per foot of interval) followed by smaller periodic treatments (.75 to 2.5 lbs of pellets per foot of interval). A small application scoop is provided with each container of product sold.


FormSolidMelt PointN/A
ColorWhiteSolubility in Water100%
pH1.5-2.5Solubility in Brine100%
Specific Gravity1.20-1.25Solubility in CrudeInsoluble

Safety and Handling

Please refer to SDS prior to using this product. As with all industrial chemicals, contact with eyes or skin should be avoided. If contact with skin is made wash thoroughly with water. Pellets should be stored in a cool dry place. Always remove pellets from the container with the provided scoop while wearing rubber gloves to avoid skin contact. Goggles are advised.