Scale Inhibitor Stick Wst

Product Infomation

The SCALE INHIBITOR STICK™ (type WST) is a water soluble tube with salt caps and filled with scale inhibitor and dispersing agent. This product does not begin to degrade until the temperature reaches 140ºF unless it is falling in water. In water it will dissolve faster; however, the scale inhibitor inside the tube dissolves very slowly.


Using the SCALE INHIBITOR STICK™ varies with the volume of water being produced and should be adjusted for high volume wells. In many cases one (1) or two (2) sticks every other day may be sufficient. Occasional use of ACID STICKS® will also be helpful.

For sufficient use, sticks should be placed as close as possible to source of scaling water.

SCALE INHIBITOR STICKS™ are non-toxic, but should be handled and treated like any chemical product. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Dispose of stick in prescribed manner according to local and federal regulations.


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