SHS-35 Hydrogen Sulfide Stick


The SHS-35 Stick is an organic sulfide scavenger designed to help down-hole hydrogen sulfide that is entering the well from the bottom perforated area and creating problems for the well system.


The SHS-35 Stick consists of a water soluble hard stick containing the organic hydrogen sulfide scavenger. The SHS-35 Stick scavenges through the water phase in the well production; therefore, some water needs to be present in the well production for the stick to effectively scavenge hydrogen sulfide.


Multiply: H2S PPM x MMCF x 0.0243 x 125 = lbs of stick required


FormSolidMelt Point120 f
ColorOff WhiteSolubility in Water100%
pH8.5 – 10Solubility in Brine100%
Specific Gravity1.084 -1.096Solubility in CrudeInsoluble

Safety and Handling

Please review SDS prior to using this product. As with all industrial chemicals, contact with eyes or skin should be avoided. Wash thoroughly with water if contact with skin is made. Sticks should be stored in a cool dry place. Always remove stick from plastic bag or cardboard tube before using. Bag or tube can be used as a glove to avoid contact with hands.