The Select Industries THPS Stick is a water soluble iron sulfide dissolver in solid stick form.


THPS Sticks are recommended for control of iron in oilfield water as well as petrochemical and other industrial waters.

THPS Sticks may be dropped down the tubing and allowed to fall to the rathole.

Benefits have also been seen by treating oil/water tanks with THPS Sticks.


THPS Sticks are typically applied in a slug treatment at concentrations of 500-1000 ppm, based on the volume of fluid to be treated.

Following the initial slug treatment, THPS Sticks can typically be applied at concentrations of 25-100 ppm on a maintenance treatment schedule.

The concentration and treatment frequency will depend on well conditions including fluid volume, depth of the well, and severity of the iron problem. Optimum treatment is determined by close monitoring of the well conditions.


FormSolidMelt Point131f
ColorWhiteSolubility in Water100%
pH3 – 4Solubility in Brine100%
Specific Gravity1.48Solubility in CrudeInsoluble

Safety and Handling

Please review SDS prior to using this product. As with all industrial chemicals, contact with eyes or skin should be avoided. Wash thoroughly with water if contact with skin is made. Sticks should be stored in a cool dry place. Always remove stick from plastic bag or cardboard tube before using. Bag or tube can be used as a glove to avoid contact with hands.