Products - Scale Inhibitors

Scale Inhibitor Stick Wst

SCALE INHIBITOR STICKS® contain chemicals that help prevent carbonate types of scale from depositing down holes in oil and gas wells, casing, tubing, and flow lines. It is also very useful to include ACID STICKS® in this type of treatment since the ACID STICK® will remove carbonate types of scale after being deposited and also neutralizing scale that is in the solution.

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SIP-100 Scale Inhibitor Pellets

SELECT SIP-100 exhibits what is known as the “threshold effect”. This happens when very small amounts of a scale inhibitor (SIP-100) can help keep large quantities of scalants in solution. The phosphonates in SELECT SIP-100 are very effective threshold scale inhibitors. Data shows that one molecule of phosphonate can inhibit 5,000 to 10,000 molecules of scalant. This appears to be done under present theory by the absorption of the threshold agent (SIP-100) on the “growth sites” of the scalant crystal; thereby the growth pattern is altered so that crystals are formed more slowly and are not as likely to clump together to form scaling problems on equipment. They can be considered as distorted.

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Gyp Crystals

GYP CRYSTALS are a solid polyphosphate scale inhibitor used for the prevention of alkaline earth metal scale deposits. GYP CRYSTALS exhibit the “threshold effect” in aqueous solutions to prevent the formation of scale deposits.

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